Ahh, the lowly apple. An undervalued piece of fruit in my opinion. When you think ‘fruit,’ exotic images come up, like kiwi, strawberry, mango; apple is not your go-to type of fruit if there is an option. How many times have you been in a hotel and looked at the sad excuse for a bowl of fruit (apples, and if you’re lucky an orange), and picked up an apple to eat? I think because they are so available they have lost their appeal.

Well, no more! I read an article yesterday that said all the usual benefits of eating an apple: fibre, vitamins, etc. But then they also mentioned that apples lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol – how amazing is that?

This is my favourite way of enjoying an apple: Chopped, tossed in a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice. (The apple in the picture is a Pink Lady, one of my favourite types of apple.) It all started when, one day, I had chopped up apples and put them in lemon juice so they wouldn’t go brown, for the breakfast program at my kids’ school. A child came up and told me he loved the apples in lemonade! I thought, do they really taste like they’re in lemonade? Yes, they do! Try it, you’ll love it, the apple’s sweetness turns the lemon juice in to lemonade.


About Veggie Food For Five

Veggie food is what we eat and there are five of us in the family.
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