I have seen gnocchi in the grocery store before, but never really paid it any attention. A few weeks ago, there was a recipe for gnocchi on a web-site I was looking at, it seemed really simple, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

It’s basically, mashed potato mixed with flour and a little salt, then boiled like a perogie. You can top it with what ever you like. My favourite was fried onions and herbs (sage, thyme and rosemary out of the garden). The kids wanted to try tomato sauce and cheese; after trying, they also said it would be nice if the gnocchi was fried after being boiled, so I think we’ll give that a go next time.


About Veggie Food For Five

Veggie food is what we eat and there are five of us in the family.
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One Response to Gnocchi

  1. nicola Blakey says:

    Nice pic. Good food for energetic kids, not for lazy grandparents!!

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