Jamie Oliver Quiche

I think I’ve mentioned this quiche before. It’s the fab recipe from Jamie Oliver, but I use other fillings rather than meat. Eggs have been hard to come by recently, I don’t know if more people are buying, or if the chickies aint laying. My usual chicken friendly egg-shopping place was all out, so the kids and I went searching for another. We found a sign advertizing honey and eggs, so we stopped in to see. They were all out too, but just as we were leaving, the owner opened the door wearing a bright pink pair of crocks (that’s not all he was wearing – yes, I said he), and asked if we wanted to come round to see the chickens while he would go and collect us some eggs.

The kids were very excited, so was I. We saw his bee hives; his chickens, one sitting on her eggs; geese; a crazy, friendly dog and a huge vegetable garden. He said the demand for eggs was so large that he couldn’t keep up, he wouldn’t consider having more chickens because they wouldn’t have such a happy life being crowded. His chickens are never sent to a slaughter-house either, which is important for me, it’s such a nasty thing to do to any living creature.

So, with our dozen eggs, from happy chickens, we went home and my daughter wanted to make quiche with tomato on top. The little pink bits that look like bacon, or something fleshy, are red onion – just incase you were wondering.


About Veggie Food For Five

Veggie food is what we eat and there are five of us in the family.
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