Italian Bread

As I was putting the bread pan into the bread machine the other day, I smelt something burning and saw a small amount of wispy smoke. I thought there was something in the toaster burning, as it sits right next to the bread machine, but as the toaster was off it couldn’t be that. So, yes, it was the bread machine, it was toast! Kaput.

Out I went to the store to buy a new one, as I make so much bread at home. I got the same make but this one came with a new recipe book; I was very happy so see there was a recipe for a 3lb loaf, using 5 1/4 cups of flour, not 4, like my old recipe. I’m all about quantity (ok and quality too), if I can make more of something in less time, then I’m happy.

So here in the picture we have a loaf made in the new machine. It’s a mixture of white and whole wheat flour with italian herbs. The herbs make an incredible flavour that I love, and so does the rest of the family.


About Veggie Food For Five

Veggie food is what we eat and there are five of us in the family.
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One Response to Italian Bread

  1. nicola Blakey says:

    Love it! Nicky xxx

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