Pizza Dinner


So this week, before swimming lesson, I was more organized. I made the pizza dough in the bread machine and put it in the fridge until we needed it. The kids got home at 3pm and we shaped the dough into mini pizzas and the kids topped their own with tomato sauce, garlic, onion, red pepper, spicy sausage (vegan), black beans, and a small sprinkling of cheese. Then we left the pizzas while we went to the pool. Fast forward two and a half hours, and we’re back and ravenously hungry! The pizzas were nice and puffed up. They went in the oven and were ready in just over 20 mins. The kids wolfed them down and wanted more. Yum.


About Veggie Food For Five

Veggie food is what we eat and there are five of us in the family.
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