How to get good food for less.


I think lots of people don’t buy organic or healthier food because it costs more. Understandably. But for me, food and eating healthy is a passion, I’m not sure why, but there is a very strong pull in me that I’ve always had that says this is very important. I sometimes wish I could turn it off.

When I go to the grocery store I have my shopping list (most of the time), my re-usable grocery bags are always left in the car to assure that I don’t use them – well I am getting better at remembering them, it just takes time. Then I have my nearly six-year-old son help me at the ATM machine, we take out $220.00 and this will buy us food and other things like toilet paper for one week.

Pre-packaged food usually costs more. The pre-packaged food that is cheaper is usually full of chemicals etc. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Things like organic unsweetened apple sauce, which has no yucky stuff in it, is cheaper than buying the apples and making it yourself. So in times like that I buy the ready-made apple sauce, but only the organic, unsweetened brand. So I find the real key to buying more for less is getting food in its original state and then modifying it when you get home (chopping, cooking etc).

I used to buy the odd thing that wasn’t organic, and I guess I still do now, but less often. I recently read a book called The Unhealthy Truth. What an eye-opening book. I was amazed at the info in there about genetic engineering. I knew about it before, but had no idea of the extent that it goes to. And in Canada and the rest of North America we are not told if our food is genetically engineered, the only way to be sure that your food wasn’t messed with in a lab is to buy organic.

So, get out your recipe books, or google, or go to the library and find some great meals you’d like to cook. Go to the store and buy what you need to make it from scratch (obviously don’t choose recipes with strange expensive ingredients if you want to stay on a budget) and take some time to do some good old-fashioned cooking. Having your children help out once in a while is great too, just choose age appropriate things for them to help with and you’ll be helping the next generation to become more self-sufficient and less dependant on fast food. A home-cooked, healthy meal is one of my favourite things, I just love it and hope you do too.


About Veggie Food For Five

Veggie food is what we eat and there are five of us in the family.
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